Sandviken - In the midst of the High Coast

Sandvikens fiskeläge

Sandviken's fishing village is located at the far end of the northern part of Ulvön, in the heart of the High Coast. The fishing village was built as early as the 1700s century and today's cottages date back to the 1900s century

For many years, long-distance fishing was conducted on many of the islands in the High Coast and Ulvön was, for a long period, home to many of these fishermen and their families. Above all, in Ulvöhamn but also at Sandviken, which was an active fishing village until the 1940's.

Sandviken is often referred to as "the fishing village of the curved ridges", which says a lot about the difficult conditions that prevailed here. With heavier and motorized boats, it became too difficult to pull the boats up and over time, the fishermen found new places to fish.

Since 2005, the fishing village has been grade 2 listed and is owned by the National Property Board of Sweden. Through tenants, the opportunity is offered to rent the old fishing cabins and boathouses from early spring to late autumn. More information about individual cabins, and how to book a cabin, can be found under the tabs THE CABINS and BOOKING.

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